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Probate or Estate Planning Attorney in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Searching for An Attorney with Probate or Estate Planning Experience?

Turn to Justin Lowe & Associates of Oklahoma City, OK

The death of a family member or a loved one can be an emotional and trying time for everybody involved. Unfortunately, disputes can and do arise. At times like these you need the expertise of a knowledgeable and compassionate attorney such as Justin Lowe and his experienced team.  

Probate is the legal process of distributing assets after the death of your family member or loved one. Probate is administered through the courts and can be a confusing and frustrating process. You will need the advice of an experienced probate attorney like Justin Lowe and his associates to assist you.

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Even if your family member or loved one had a Will or Trust, that document only tells the court what their final wishes were. A probate may still be necessary. An experienced attorney like Justin Lowe and his team will need to sit down with you to review your documents in order to properly advise you at this time. Justin Lowe and his associates will work hard to put your mind at ease so you and your family can start healing.

The office of Justin Lowe & Associates can also assist you with your own estate planning by preparing your Will, Power of Attorney, Living Will, Advance Directive, Quit Claim Deed, or Transfer on Death Deed. Justin Lowe and his knowledgeable team are always ready to answer any questions you may have.

We are proud to serve the Oklahoma City metro area, as well as Edmond, Norman, Guthrie, Yukon, and throughout Oklahoma. Call today to schedule a free consultation with Justin Lowe & Associates and his team to discuss your probate or estate planning needs.